Our Curriculum Guarantee

We believe that our children deserve to have access to a curriculum that motivates, inspires and prepares them for the future. We have designed our curriculum to meet the needs an interests of our children. We strive to provide a curriculum that delivers on the following guarantee to our children.


At the Northern Federation we guarantee that:

Your learning will be exciting, engaging and real.

You will have a say and make choices in your learning.

You will become a confident user of technology.

Learning will build on the skills that you have already learnt.

You will feel ready for the next stage in your learning.

You will have opportunities to apply your knowledge and skills in different ways.

You will have time to act upon feedback to improve your work.

You will have opportunities to make a positive contribution to our community.

You will have fun, be safe and enjoy school life.

You will be able to read, write and be numerate to a level that enables you to achieve in the wider world.

You will learn and have opportunities to communicate effectively and work collaboratively.

You will feel successful in your learning.

The National Curriculum 

To see an overview of our curriculum, please see the documents below:

Year 3

Year 4

Year 56 Cycle B